By Lars Dalseide | October 5 2011 17:19

Every month, those who make up the staff upstairs at do their best to find a unique giveaway for their readers. And every month, those of us make up the staff down here at NRAblog tell you about it. It's a good system and everyone seems to like it. So as this month has just begun, here's what they're giving away in October.

It's a Leupold RCX-1 Trail Camera System. With a USB controller/viewer that makes setup and image retrieving even easier, hunters can now retrieve their images without having to remove those tiny little SD cards. Come on, who out there with a trail cam hasn't dropped an SD card or two. It's lost in the leaves, in the rocks or god forbid into the stream. Not going to happen with the RCS. But that's just one of the amazing features.

The controller allows you to set up the camera and see what you're recording right there on the spot. Using the eight megapixel camera with its silent digital shutter, “blink-of-an-eye” (less than one second) trigger speed, you're sure to get some great pics.

To enter, send an email to with Gift Giveaway in the subject line. If you're lucky enough to win, they’ll contact you at the end of the month and arrange for delivery.


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