By Kerrin Brinkman | September 28 2011 16:28
Iain Harrison with NRAblog's Kerrin Brinkman

If you're a competitive shooter, you need to try shooting a 3-gun competition. Why? Well, there's a lot of reasons, but mainly because Iain Harrison says so.

In his new blog "For the Love of Competition," the winner of Season 1 of "Top Shot" starts his new endeavor by explaining why competitive shooters need to get involved in the sport of 3-gun. It is, after all, the fastest-growing shooting discipline known to man.

I've traveled to all sorts of 3-gun competitions over the last few years such as Blue Ridge Mountain 3-Gun, LaRue Tactical 3-Gun, Ozark 3-Gun, Rocky Mountain 3-Gun, and more trying to convince our readers to get involved. As Iain points out, the sport even has it's own television show, 3-Gun Nation, to help get the word out.

We know he's proficient with just about any firearm or other device where marksmanship skills apply thanks to his time on Top Shot, but since Iain's official segue into the world of competitive shooting, we've seen him on NRAblog quite a bit. From his friendly competition with NRA staffers at our range to his Bianchi Cup debut with fellow Top Shot alum Chris Cerino, and even his run-in with the Gunny at Annual Meeting, Harrison has been quite a presence on the in the world of the shooting sports.

Does this qualify him to give advice on what type of competition you should be getting involved in? Of course it does! But don't just take it from me - check out what Iain has to say.


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