By Lars Dalseide | September 26 2011 16:56

Top Shot's Chris Reed, Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Iain Harrison at the NRA's 2011 Annual Meeting on NRAblog A funny thing happened on my way to watch Top Shot last week ... I forgot about the concept of time zones. All packed up and moved to New Mexico for the National Police Shooting Championships, I was out at the Shooting Range Park when my phone started buzzing with Top Shot updates. Realizing the episode was already on the air, I raced back to the hotel.

Good news is that everyone's favorite nemesis, Michael Marelli from Long Island, was eliminated from the show thanks to the "From the Hip" pistol shooting skills of Cliff Walsh. Many thanks from a deluge of fans Cliff. Bad news is that I missed the original challenge (watched the replay.) But there was more ... we were so wrapped up in NPSC that we didn't have a chance to post Chris Reed's take on his return.

For those who missed the previous show (titled Turn the Corner,) both Chis Reed (Top Shot winner from Season 2) and Iain Harrison (Top Shot winner from Season 1) captained the teams in a rifle obstacle course challenge. The winning captain received $5,000 for the charity of his choice. As fate would have it, Team Red (Chris' team) won and the Make a Wish Foundation was a little better off. Here was Reed's take on the challenge:

The challenge was going to push these teams. Each were faced with obstacles that would get their heart rates up and require them to shoot under pressure. My guys tried to prepare for that by performing maneuvers such as push ups and jumping jacks. Then they ran to the line and took shoots at up to 100 yards.

Our first problem was finding the impacts on the shoot-n-see targets in a timely manner. Most viewers probably don't know that practice time gets shorter as the competition goes on. With that in mind, I suggested they shoot at more dynamic targets such as the berm or rocks. That allowed my guys to see the impacts more quickly and allowed the team to decide who needed the most work or who was the most proficient with the firearm.

I was confident in our preparation once the challenge began. Tho only assistance I could give was to call out their shots and walk them onto the targets quicker than the blue team. Luckily, Red Team brought home the victory and helped make a child's wish come true. I'm proud to have had a part in this challenge.

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