By Lars Dalseide | September 24 2011 15:07

Francisco Lee taking questions at NRA's Chicago Leadership & Development Workshop on NRAblog Chicago, Illinois - Francisco Lee has been working at the National Rifle Association for a little more than a year now. As a Financial Coordinator, he's one of those who has a better understanding of where the money raised at NRA Friends Events end up. So obviously he's the perfect choice to tell our Chicago participants about Friends of NRA.

"Friends of NRA was established back in 1992," he started. "The net profit raised and these events is split between the state and the national associations."

He stopped for a moment on the Friends Banquets to go over all the can be accomplished. In addition to being a proven fund raiser, Friends Banquets are the perfect opportunity to find like-minded people, make new friends and maybe even find a local decision maker or two.

Grants were another popular subject for Francisco. Some passed out by the State Fund Committees, others passed out by the NRA Foundation, there are plenty of opportunities to find the funds for that firearm related subject you're developing.

And if you can't figure out where to start, call headquarters at 703-267-1000 and ask for Francisco Lee.

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