By Lars Dalseide | September 22 2011 07:31

Robert Vadasz is the 2011 NRA National Police Shooting Championship on NRAblog Albuquerque, New Mexico - The NRA's 2011 National Police Shooting Championships' (NPSC) Grand Champion was named on Wednesday, the 21st of September, and his name is Robert Vadasz. The third NPSC title for Vadasz, the Florida based Border Patrol Agent won with an overall aggregate score of 6147-413x.

"Robert has consistently performed at the highest of levels here at NPSC," said NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer. "Winning three titles was never a question of if for him, it was only a question of how long it would take."

The Grand Champion is determined by combining scores from the Open Class Revolver 1500, the Open Class Semi-Automatic 1500, the Service Revolver, the Stock Semi-Automatic, the Off-Duty, both Distinguished firearm and the Shotgun Matches at NPSC.

What made this win even more exciting was the fact that Vadasz was tied with fellow Border Patrol Agent Enoch Smith at day's end. Both earning a base score of 6134, it all came down to the bullseyes or Xs. It was that difference, one of 33 Xs, that decided the Championship. And if he keeps shooting at this level, there's a good chance that title #4 isn't too far away.


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