By Lars Dalseide | September 21 2011 13:54

Albuquerque, New Mexico - There's a familiar site in the top corner of Building Number Two here at the Shooting Park Range in Albuqueruqe, New Mexico — the Smith & Wesson booth.

Smith & Wesson have been coming to the NRA's National Police Shooting Championships for years. While there are some products on display, their main function is smithing the competitor's guns. Not a small task when you consider the hundreds of competitors and the handful of guns each brings.

"I believe we worked on about 150 guns so far this year," said Smith & Wesson South West Regional Law Enforcement Manager Mark Dix. "Sometimes is a tweak before the competition, sometimes it's an adjustment after a referee rejects a gun, but we're here to help out any way can."

Smith & Wesson has a long history supporting NRA Law Enforcement through the smithing they perform at competitions as well as the prizes donated to the National Police Shooting Championships. Their work is extremely appreciated by those of us here at the NRA and in the Law Enforcement community.

"We carry Smith & Wesson here in Albuquerque," said Deputy Chief (Ret.) Mike Castro. "If we can't take care of any problems with our guns in-house, they are more then happy to take care of it here. Officers even bring in their personal firearms when they need a little work. Having Smith & Wesson here is a huge help to the Community."


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