By Lars Dalseide | September 15 2011 13:20

Kids at a Friends of NRA event in Newark, New JerseyNewark, New Jersey - Those are some of the smiling faces I hope to see tonight at the Essex County Friends of NRA Banquet tonight. Right now I'm hitching a ride up to New Jersey with NRA Education and Training's Steve Hoback – a New Jersey native, don't you know. I'm trusting that Steve will be able to get us there in time and show me the sights of his beloved home state. And I'm also told that our old pal Anthony Colandro from Gun For Hire has something special planned upon our arrival. Colandro has something planned? Maybe we should rethink this New Jersey thing.

This will be my second Friends of NRA dinner. I know, I know; why haven't I been to more? The answer is simply that I'm usually on the road when the local events take place here in Northern Virginia, and I'm working other events when I'm on the road. So instead of telling you about the great banquets they throw right outside the nation's capital, I'll have to stick to my road stories at events like the one earlier this year in Phoenix and tonight's outing in New Jersey.

If you'd like to go to a Friends of NRA event, check out their website for details or come back here to NRAblog on Wednesday morning – that's when our own Kyle Jillson puts up the Friends Calendar for the week.

Until then, I'm off to Jersey.

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