By Lars Dalseide | September 14 2011 10:41

If you've joined us out there in the twitterverse (Follow us at @NRAblog … shameless plug) while watching Top Shot on The History Channel, then you've probably been one of those who complain about this season's contestants and challenges. There are cries of "I miss Chris" or "George might have been cocky but he always backed it up" and most of all "I just can't connect with these guys." Question is why. Are we not connecting because we followed Season 2 all the way to the end and we don't know the Season 3 characters well enough? Is the combination of Red Mike and Blue Jake (they usually garner the greatest amount of criticism) more to handle then last season's Jay? Or have they somehow changed the show?

The Corner Shot System featured in Episode #6, "Turning the Corner" on The History Channel's Top Shot. (Image downloaded from the Corner Shot website.)
I'll admit that last week's "rock" challenge was almost silly, and the week before with the single action was tough to watch, but the elimination rounds have been something to see. The Bulldog Gatling Gun, a Hotchkiss Mountain Gun & this week's Corner Shot System with a Glock 18 were true crowd pleasers. As much as the twitterverse has hated some of the challenges, they have absolutely fallen in love with most of the eliminations.

While it feels that they're playing more on the drama inside the house then the action on the range, this week's episode seemed to get back to the basics. An action filled challenge finished off with yet another envious elimination … I say envious because practically everyone out there would gladly go to elimination for the opportunity to pull the trigger on one of those pieces.

In time, we'll start identifying with the competitors and stop calling for Season 2. Not that we'll forget Chris, George, Brian and the rest of the bunch, just that we'll accept those currently running the gauntlet. Last night, for example, I was disappointed that Dustin didn't get to run the challenge and blown away at Cliff's performance behind the Vltor rifle. It appears that I'm coming around so maybe you will too. But enough of that … here's the quick and dirty on last night.

Red (captained by Top Shot Reloaded champ Chris Reed) blew away Blue (captained by Top Shot Iain Harrison) on the obstacle course rifle challenge. Although Billy was the slowest on his section of the course, Blue sent up Paul and Jake for elimination … that's where the Corner Shot came into play. That's also where Jake completely destroyed Paul. Now the only question is, will Jake's performance go to his head or will he calm down and become part of the team. For some reason, I'm thinking it'll go to his head.

Next week they're going with trick shots. And unless my eyes deceived me, we could see a few Bianchi Cup favorites out there serving as the experts. See you then!


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