By Lars Dalseide | September 6 2011 17:14

The SOG PowerLock EOD Multi-Tool on NRAblog We've been talking about some of the knives that SOG has generously donated to NRA's Law Enforcement Division for the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship (NPSC) prize table. This week, we bring you something a little different ... the PowerLock EOD Black Oxide multi-tool.

Before you ask, yes, EOD does stand for Explosive Ordinance Disposal — and that's exactly who they built this for. With 22 separate tools, it all starts with the traditional needle nose head. Then there's the scissors, wood saw, 3-sided file, three different screwdrive heads, an awl, bottle opener, drive and crimpers ... but that's only to start with. And to make sure it's all safe and good, SOG includes a hard cover on both sides of the PowerLock to safeguard your hands while using the tool.

Accompanied in a nylon leather pouch, the PowerLock is an all in one tool that can you can find a use for in almost any circumstance.

The PowerLock EOD in Black Oxide, along with donations from a number of other NPSC sponsors including FNH and Remington, will be part of the plentiful prize table competitors get to choose from in Albuquerque come mid-September. To find out who wins what as the competition commences, keep checking back here on NRAblog — we'll be there to report it all.

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