By Lars Dalseide | August 31 2011 16:30

A Remington Model 1875 Single Action Army Revolver from the National Firearm Museum on NRAblog There was a great deal of anticipation for episode 4 of this season's Top Shot on The History Channel. The title says it all — the Bulldog Gatling Gun. But unlike previous episodes where the they showcase the sexy pieces early in the show, producers saved the Gatling Gun for the elimination challenge. This one all started out with a Remington Model 1875 Single Action Revolver.

To get there, Teams Red and Blue were each handed the Remingtons and told they'd be shooting dice. They were challenged to man six stations where competitors shoot targets in the shape of dice. First station was a snake-eye configuration with one target. Second station resembled the two side of the die with two targets. The pattern continues up until the sixth. Finish your targets before your competition and the stage is over. Team with the most hits wins.

The twist? There were only enough rounds in the gun to complete your stage of the competition with a clean performance. So if you miss, you reload. And reloading a Remington 1875 is not a simple test."

"(Shooting) the 1875 wasn't all that fun," said Top Shot contestant Dustin Ellermann. "I had to aim about four inches low to hit my targets. I liked the Colt SSA at nomination better. And the single reloads through the gate was a little harder with someone A couple of Gatling Guns from the National Firearms Museum on NRAblog firing next to you."

Leading by three with six shots to go, Ellermann hit five out of six before having to reload. Unfortunately for Dustin, his opponent finished before he completed the reload.

Team Red lost again and headed to elimination. Michael and Mark were ultimately nominated and that's when they pulled out the Bulldog. After learning how to aim, fire and reload, they were tasked with taking down telephone poles at 15, 20 & 25 yards. While most of the twitterverse was pulling for Mark, it was Mike who finished first and Mark who was sent back home to Florida

After watching the episode, I asked Dustin if the producers gave everyone a go at the Gatling after all was said and done. But such an act of charity was not to be.

"I wish, but no," Ellermann told us. "We only got to hear the stories from the red team. When Mike told me what (they got to shoot), I was wishing I had lost."

There's always next week.

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