By Kyle Jillson | August 30 2011 07:32

With much of the east coast having experienced Hurricane Irene this past weekend, I was reminded of a recent article by American Hunter about the impact of flooding on your upcoming hunting plans.

2011 Flood Ramifications
By Brian Lynn

For much of the northern half of the United States, winter’s crippling grip held tight deep into spring. When Old Man Winter’s clenched fist finally began to relax in March and April, it didn’t take long for the fervor of summer to beset the land. Rapidly climbing temperatures melted winter snowpacks while spring rains inundated mountains and valleys alike.

The result? Flooding of epic proportions.

The wildlife havens of the Midwest, North and South Dakota in particular, were hit hard with swollen river systems cresting their banks and coursing through multiple states in search of an outlet.

In North Dakota, residents fought to suppress and survive the wrath of the Souris River, which resulted in more than $175 million paid in disaster aid, while thousands of South Dakota inhabitants were evacuated due to the engorged Missouri River.

While bad news for tens of thousands of homeowners and farmers, upland hunters and waterfowlers will feel the impacts of too much water as well. The question is: Will the floods of 2011 bring a boon or a bust?

Read the rest of the article over at American Hunter's website here.

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