By Lars Dalseide | August 19 2011 16:55

Port Clinton, Ohio - Tomorrow at the Illinois State Rifle Association's home range, the National Rifle Association will be pulling out the electronic target systems for the second weekend in a row. Seen to the right powering up after the National Defense Match in Camp Perry, the event in Illinois will be a little different.

Powered by ShotResponse, the system provides instant results to every shot fired down range. At the Illinois event, the competition will take place on a 100 yard range and is sure to be filled with plenty of anxious and excited competitors.

Unfortunately, time has passed for anyone looking to register online for the event, but there is still limited on-site registration available if you'd like to give it a go.

There will be one more Electronic Target Event this year at South Carolina's Belfast Range on October 1. For more information, please contact NRA Range Services at (877) NRA RANGE or email

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