By Lars Dalseide | August 16 2011 15:40

Targets and equipment from the NRA's inaugural National Defense Match are loaded on the truck for NRAblog Port Clinton, Ohio - Last weekend's inaugural National Defense Match was a huge success with shooters and spectators alike. So much so that they're loading the equipment and talking it on the road this very weekend. Shot at targets from 7, 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards, competitors are judged both on time and accuracy. And it was the accuracy that seemed to do some in.

"It's situational awareness," explained NRA's Tactical Rifle Coordinator Trey Tuggle. "Time is one thing, but if you don't hit the five sectioned target in the right section in the right order, well, then you're in some trouble scoring wise."

Hitting the incorrect target in the incorrect order means a deduction of points. Shooting with the dominant hand one stages when you're required to shoot with the off hand means a deduction in points. But shoot with the correct hand in the correct order and you just might have something.

"We had a number of firearms manufacturers and members of the military here to witness the match," said Tuggle. "The manufacturers are talking about sponsorship and the military is talking about utilizing it for training."

In addition to the challenge, it was the electronic target system that really made the difference.

"Instant gratification," said one competitor. "Knowing how you performed or how others performed just by looking at the big screen, it was pretty great."

Another competitor who thought it was pretty great was Top Shot's Iain Harrison from The History Channel. Invited to compete, Harrison won the overall open division.

We'll have more over the next few days.

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