By Lars Dalseide | August 15 2011 07:27

Long Range High Power rifle shooter on NRAblog

Port Clinton, Ohio - As day three of the Long Range High Power match begins here at Camp Perry, Ohio, the main obstacle in every shooter's attempt to claim the title hasn't been a seasoned champion, a gusty rookie or wiley veteran ... it's been the weather.

Not the usual heat that sometimes play havoc with the shooter's optics upon the Viale range, but rather a touch of rain and reports of a funnel cloud or two. Despite the threats, we find a handful of new and a handful of favorites sitting on top of the leaderboard.

And before you say it, yes, the scores look a bit uneven. Just keep in mind that these are preliminary and not every number has been entered into the system as of yet.

Top 10 NRA Long Range High Power Competitors
1 Bill Vaughan  793-25X 
2 Kristoffer Friend 655-4X
3 John Whidden 599-34X 
4 David Tubb 599-29X
Robert Steketee  599-23X
6 Nancy Tompkins  598-33X 
7 Trevor Hengehold  598-30X
8 Rodrigo Rosa 597-32X 
9 Brandon Green  595-33X 
10 Steven Mcgee  595-25X

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