By Kyle Jillson | August 14 2011 13:32

The award ceremony for this year's NRA National High Power Rifle Championships was held this past Friday night at the Hough Theater at Camp Perry. Competitors cleaned up from being on the firing line all day and got dressed up to receive their awards or just cheer for the winners.

Carl Bernosky of Ashland, Pennsylvania, took the overall High Power Rifle Championship with a final aggregate of 2393-160x. Going into the last day tied with Rodrigo Rosa, Bernosky put on an outstanding performance in the day's first match, the Crescent Cup, by shooting a record-tying 200-15x and pulling ahead of Rosa who had shot a 196-8x. Bernosky shot the two remaining matches with exemplary marksmanship and was congratulated by his friends on the firing line after making his last shot and clenching the championship.

Rosa, from Auburn, New Hampshire, would finish second overall with a aggregate of 2390-132x and SSG Brandon Green, USA, from Box Springs, Georgia, placed third with a 2385-126x.

In the Service Rifle Championship, SSG Tyrel Cooper, USA, from Fort Benning, Georgia, shot a 2376-111x and earned the top spot. Cody Shields from Chandlersville, Ohio, followed up in second with a 2365-98x and SFC Lance Dement, USA, from Seale, Alabama, placed third overall just behind Shields with a 2365-93x.

Both the Service Rifle Championship and Match Rifle Championship have numerous Special Category awards. A full listing can be found below.

National NRA Service Rifle Championship

  • High Civilian: Jeffrey Lindblom - 2359-85x
  • High Ohio Civilian Resident: Sara Rozanski - 2335-64x
  • High Woman: Sara Rozanski - 2335-64x
  • High Senior: Glenn Edgard - 2295-44x
  • High Grand Senior: Albin Sandgren - 2154-30x
  • High Collegiate: Cody Shields - 2365-98x
  • High Overall Junior: Sagen Maddalena - 2324-70x
  • High Junior: Sagen Maddalena - 2324-70x
  • High Intermediate Junior: Nash Neubauer - 2320-52x
  • High Sub-Junior: Jason Williams - 2234-34x
  • High National Guard: Cody Shields - 2365-98x
  • High Reserve: CPT Samuel Freeman, USA - 2358-89x
  • High Army Reserve: CPT Samuel Freeman, USA - 2358-89x
  • High Marine: SSGT Daniel Duitsman, USMC - 2359-91x
  • High Regular Service: SSG Tyrel Cooper, USA - 2376-111x
  • High Police: Clifton Greenwood - 2279-61x
National NRA Match Rifle Championship
  • High Woman: SGT Sherri Gallagher, USA - 2383-146x
  • High Senior: Jon Howell - 2347-88x
  • High Grand Senior: Charles Roubal - 2266-34x
  • High Overall Junior: Waylon Burbach - 2336-67x
  • High Junior: Dalton Burbach - 2309-59x
  • High Intermediate Junior - Waylon Burbach - 2336-34x
  • High Sub-Junior: Jonathan Howell - 1985-24x
  • High Service: SSG Brandon Green, USA - 2385-126x
  • High Police: Harry Harrison - 2356-100x
  • Winner Anysight/Tactical Rifle: Kenneth Lankford - 2358-107x 



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