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High power shooter during the Crowell Trophy match on NRAblog

The Crowell Trophy

The Crowell Trophy, right, is a bronze statuette by Charles Schreyvogel entitled "The Last Drop." The statuette represents a U.S. Cavalryman of the last quarter of the 19th century emptying his canteen into his hat so that his horse can drink. The trophy was donated to the NRA in 1925 by the Honorable Benedict Crowell of Cleveland, OH, Assistant Secretary of War, 1917 to 1920.

SGT William F. Pulver, USMC, was the first shooter to win this trophy after shooting a 75-12v. The trophy was originally for the Palma Individual Match, consisting of 75 shots with the Service Rifle from 1000 yards.

Last year's Crowell Trophy winner was Carl Bernosky, who took it with a 200-14x.

Crowell Trophy Match
Carl Bernosky 200-17X
2 Rodrigo Rosa 200-15X 
3 Tyrel Cooper 200-14X
4 Nathaniel Guernsey 200-14X
5 Brandon Green 200-13X 
6 Sherri Gallagher 200-13X 


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