By Lars Dalseide | August 9 2011 11:47

Top Shot's Joe Serafini shows off his bow skills to Natalie of Girls Guide to Guns at the Hollywood Sporting Clays on NRAblog

Newhall, California - We ran into The History Channel's Top Shot season 2 duo George Reinas and Joe Serafini while out at the 2011 Hollywood Sporting Clays. After watching the pair do some damage with a shotgun, we cornered Serafini for a little info on this Top Shot's history.

"My father got me started when I was six years old," said Serafini. "He took me squirel hunting with a .22 long rifle. I got my first squirl and was addicted after that."

As the echo of gunfire continued to sound from the surrounding shotguns, ARs and .50 cals, the former Marine was constantly stopped by fans and eventually pulled to the archery range to show off his stuff.

"Archery was really my claim to fame when I was younger," explained Serafini. "That's where I exceeded when I was young ... traveling and participating in competitions. After I got out of the Corps, I Top Shot's Joe Serafini poses with outdoorswoman Samantha Virk at the Hollywood Sporting Clays on NRAblog started shooting competition again. Went back to deer hunting, turkey hunting, squirel hunting, trapping and fishing. Just enjoying the outdoors with my family."

Where he enjoys the outdoors is a little town about an hour south of Chicago, Illinios. In Kankakee, a hotspot of hunting and shooting talent, is where Serafini got his first taste of the outdoors.

"Really great place to grow up, a lot of good fun on the weekends to go out to fish and trap and shoot and hunt."

And now that the third season of Top Shot is about to hit The History Channel's airwaves, Joe is back to his regular gig on the construction circuit and pulling back a few bows from time to time.

"I've been shooting my bow a lot lately," he said and started to laugh. "I have time now to shoot so I guess there's no excuse when I shoot bad."

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