By Kerrin Brinkman | July 14 2011 11:58

The third and final relay of the day is about to take the range, but we have preliminary scores for the four matches that comprise the .22 Caliber Championship. Here's who is currently topping the leader board for each match. 

Match   Competitor Score
.22 Caliber Slow Fire Match   Chuck Holt  194-7X
.22 Caliber National Match Course  SFC Jim Henderson  289-18X
.22 Caliber Timed Fire Match    Thomas Rose  200-12X
.22 Caliber Rapid Fire  Ron Steinbrecher  200-8X

The .22 Caliber Championship is an aggregate of the matches listed above and here's who is in the lead so far:

Greg Derr  883-45X
2 James Henderson 882-50X 
3 Wes Fleming 882-38X
4 Philip Hemphill 882-37X
5 Luis Esparza  880-34X 
6 Ron Steinbrecher 880-29X
7 Keith Sanderson  879-39X 
8 Charles Alexander 879-35X 
9 David Lange  878-42X 
10 Chuck Holt  878-29X 

Team Matches will be fired this afternoon, so we'll have more results and photos later on today.

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