By Kerrin Brinkman | July 13 2011 09:02

It's day two of the NRA National Pistol Championships, and that means competitors are firing the NRA Preliminary Pistol Championship today in three separate relays. In this morning's first relay, the top-ranked competitors took to the range to complete the Center Fire, .22 Caliber, and .45 Caliber stages of fire. The aggregate of these stages comprises the competitor's total score.

SFC Jim Henderson of the Army Marksmanship Unit won this Championship last year with a score of 890-42X, but the record of 894-50X was set by Brian Zins in 1996. At this stage in the match it's too early to tell who the front runners might be, but with 10-time National Champion Brian Zins sitting out this year, this year's results are sure to be nail-biters. James Lenardson, SSG Jean-Noel Howell, David Lange, and SSG Patrick Franks are just a few of the competitors who are riding high after yesterday's Revolver Matches, but Philip Hemphill, SFC Henderson, John Zurek, and many others are ready to put up some impressive numbers.  

Stay tuned for preliminary scores later this afternoon and more coverage from the NRA Preliminary Pistol Championship.  


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