By Kerrin Brinkman | July 12 2011 07:20
Mike Krei fires the cannon at Camp Perry

Each morning the National Matches start with a bang. And not the sound of rounds going down range, but rather a cannon that is fired just before the colors are saluted. This morning, Mike Krei, NRA's Director of Competitive Shooting was chosen to fire the cannon, marking the first day that shots are going down range here at the NRA National Pistol Championships. 

This morning is when competitors have the opportunity to get in some practice before the actual competition begins. Also being fired this morning is a postal match shot by the NRA/USA Civilian Pistol Team, which we'll have more on later, and a CMP Warm-Up Match. 

The Harry Reeves Match and Distinguished Revolver Matches will take place this afternoon beginning at 1:00 and 2:30, respectively. Finally, the NRA Junior Pistol Camp is back on Petraca Range for their second day of instruction.

We'll have photos, scores, updates and more from the NRA National Pistol Championships here at Camp Perry, so don't go away! 


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