By Kyle Jillson | June 24 2011 15:55

Youth Education Summit visits the NRA Range

Fairfax, Virginia - After visiting the National Firearm Museum on their day at NRA Headquarters, the kids of this year's Youth Education Summit ventured down to the NRA Range to take things a step further than ogling guns.

Having already been administered the NRA Range Test earlier in the day by Greg Wodak, the range's manager, the last step before donning their eye and ear protection was to meet the Range Safety Officers who would be helping them out on the firing line. These Range Safety Officers were made up of NRA staff who had volunteered to help teach the kids how to properly handle the pistols they were about to shoot and give pointers while on the line about how to improve aim.

The kids were then sent out six at a time, one for each Range Safety Officer, to a lane where a .22 pistol was waiting for them.

After shooting off a magazine at 15 feet it was time to take their target as a souvineer and let someone else have a turn.

When asked how she did, Cassie Nufable of Los Angeles, California said "not that great," and held up a target with scattered holes in it. Event Services Manager Jeremy Greene pointed to a bullet hole that was quite far from the x-ring and joked "watch out for that one."

Once everyone had gotten a chance to shoot, the National Firearms Museum staff came out to prepare for the next item on the kids' itinerary - a machine gun shoot.

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