By Lars Dalseide | June 20 2011 07:42

The NRA's Youth Education Summit (Y.E.S.) is a once in a lifetime, seven-day, all expenses-paid educational experience in Washington, D.C. A select few sophomore and junior high school students from across the United States will meet Washington decision-makers, tour monuments and learn about the importance of being an active citizen. NRAblog met one of those lucky few students at the 2011 Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational in Newhall,Theodore Mumford talks about attending the NRA's Youth Education Summit to NRAblog California.

After wrapping up our interview with actor Tim Abell outside of station seven at the Oak Tree Gun Club, Abell suggested we talk to another Hollywood Sporting Clays participant ... his nephew Theodore Mumford. Turns out Ted, as Abell soon corrected himself, received his invitation to Y.E.S. a few days before packing up for the Invitational.

"Uncle Tim sent me an email about Y.E.S. a few months ago," said Ted. "I looked it up, filled out the information, sent it in and found out I was accepted the other day."

Ted's interest in shooting started less than two years ago with a .22 rifle from Uncle Tim. Soon enough, there were larger calibers and more experiences to be had.

"I've been pig hunting and also dove, duck and some small stuff like rabbit and squirrels," said Ted. "Boar hunting is probably my favorite because I really enjoy rifle shooting. But dove would be a close second."

Ted and 45 other youths begin their Y.E.S. journey this week in the Nation's Capitol. As for Ted, well, he's looking forward to a few things in particular.

"There's the research, the American History, and the people. I'm really looking forward to meeting all those new people from all around the United States. It should be fun."


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