By Lars Dalseide | June 6 2011 10:48

Michael Bane and Joe Mantegna at the National Firearms Museum filming Gun Stories on NRAblog For those of you following closely, you're probably wondering exactly how Joe Mantegna ended up hosting a show on the Outdoor Channel much less shooting a few episodes at the NRA National Firearms Museum. Well that was all due to Michael Bane.

Bane, once a competitive shooter and now an immensely respected gun guru, currently hosts or produces about five shows for the Outdoor Channel.

“When we were storyboarding “Gun Stories”, we realized that we had to come to the NRA,” said Bane. “(Senior Curator Phil) Schreier has stories about every gun ever produced and Jim (Supica, Director of the Museum) literally wrote the book on the Smith & Wesson Model 3.”

Bane envisions the new show as a documentation of history ... as well as an entertaining way to spend a half-hour on Wednesday nights.

“There are so many stories and guns that have disappeared or been forgotten,” said Bane. “Plus Hollywood has a habit of distorting how firearms actually work. Mel Gibson's Beretta 92 in Lethal Weapon, for example, doesn't fire that many rounds without reloading.”

For now, Bane has his hands full as the first show hits the airwaves in July. Once that happens, and it (hopefully) receives good reviews from the audience and critics, shooting for the second season will begin.

“We've noticed a few things while shooting season one,” explained Bane. “Season 2 will be even better because of it. Plus we have Joe. And Joe can do this in his sleep.”

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