By Lars Dalseide | June 3 2011 18:46

A Colt Hammerless automatic in .380, a Colt Detective Special and a Remington 51 semi-automatic, like the one's owned by General George S. Patton, on NRAblog With one week left to go in our "Inside Schreier's Officer" version of Curator's Corner, NRA National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreier brings out a General George S. Patton triple play. It's what the General referred to as his insurance guns ... and here are three replicas.

Starting to the right of the General, and moving clockwise, we have a Colt Model 1908 in .380. For fans of the movie Patton, this is the one he fired at German aircraft that was buzzing his new headquarters in Africa. Underneath that is a Colt Detective Special followed by a Remington 51 semi-automatic in .380.

Each of these types of firearms are seen in photo after photo of General Patton throughout his military career.

To see the actual Patton firearms, you'll have to go to The General George Patton Museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky. But if you'd like to hear Phil's stories, and see what Patton carried, just go to and click on the Program Archive for Thursday, June 2.

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