By Kyle Jillson | May 26 2011 15:22

Competitor shoots in the Moving Target Event during the 2011 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup on NRA Blog.

The Moving Target Event is the third of the four events that make up the Bianchi Cup. Sponsored by Sig Sauer, the event has competitors taking 48 shots at a target from ranges of 10, 15, 20 and 25 yards.

As the name implies, the target in this event doesn't stand still for you. Coming from behind a barricade, the target travels sixty feet in six seconds before disappearing behind another barricade. The shooter, standing in a marked firing area, must remain within the firing square and have their firearm holstered with hands held shoulder high. Once the target appears, the competitor may begin firing. Six shots are taken at both the 10 and 15-yard stage, while only three are taken from the 20 and 25-yard distances. If the shooter starts prematurely, has a procedural error, has a round that strikes the barricade, or fires a round over the designated amount, their score will be penalized ten points.

Last year's winners in The Moving Target Event were all from the United States. Don Golembieski won the Open Class last year with his near-perfect 480-42x, Robert Vadasz, winner of the 2009 NRA National Police Shooting Championship, took the Metallic Class with a 478-37x, and Enoch Smith's 476-28x got him the Production Class title.

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