By Lars Dalseide | May 12 2011 17:41

National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreir holds  a 1889 Colt Double Action Navy Revolver while NRANews producer John Popp takes a closer look on NRAblog. As we told you yesterday, Curator's Corner has moved from the NRA National Firearms Museum's vault and into the office of Senior Curator Phil Schreier. Which, as one might expect, is decorated with show badges, challenge coins, plaques of appreciation, and guns.

A 1889 Colt Double Action Navy Revolver on NRAblog. While every gun might not have a legendary history or be marked with the always appreciated serial number one, what they can give you a pretty good idea of about the look and feel of a legendary gun ... like the double-action Colt Model 1889 you see above.

What we have there is a Colt Navy Revolver just like the one Teddy Roosevelt wore on his hip while charging up San Juan Hill. It was the first double-action Colt with a swing out cylinder to allow for a faster reload.

To find out why it's call the USS Maine Navy Revolver and how Teddy Roosevelt, a Colonel in the United States Army, came to possess it, you'll have to tune in at 10:40 p.m. eastern time as Phil joins Executive Producer John Popp for Curator's Corner on or Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.


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