By Lars Dalseide | May 8 2011 08:41

Chris Reed from the History Channel's Top Shot Reloaded at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on NRAblog Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Chris Reed of The History Channel’s Top Shot Reloaded has been a busy man as of late. The final episode, which aired just over a week ago, saw Chris get the best of 10-time NRA pistol Champ Brian Zins during the final round to officially claim the title of Top Shot. Two days later, I found him on the floor of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for the NRA’s 140th Convention.

“Oh man it’s been crazy at times,” said Reed. “Every day events like grocery shopping or a thing with the kids can turn into a mad house. But I’m enjoying it all while I can.”

A self-described good ole country boy from Tennessee, Chris Reed’s sudden rise to fame doesn’t mean his role in the household has changed all that much. He still gets the kids ready for school, performs assigned chores around the house, and prepares a mean dinner. Still, they were nice enough to reserve Tuesday nights to see if Dad could survive one more week on the show.

“My friends and family have been very supportive throughout the show,” Reed explained. “We’ve all got together for a Top Shot party every Tuesday night for the last 12 weeks. It’s been a blast.”

Gunny R. Lee Ermey and Chris Reed from the History Channel's Top Shot pose at the Glock booth during the NRA Annual Meeting on NRAblog But just because the family hasn’t let the pater’s sudden fame go to their head doesn’t mean that others aren't jumping into the celebration with both feet.

“It’s almost rock star status,” said Reed. “Lot of folks ask for pictures and autographs ... it’s been real nice. Get this, people in charge of my high school reunion called. They want to move it up a year and give it a Top Shot theme. That’s something.”

Even though season two of The History Channel’s Top Shot has officially come to a close, that doesn’t mean the relationship built in the hills of Santa Clarita, California have ended as well.

“I still keep up with George and Joe. I’ve talked to Gunny quite a bit. We all stay fairly close and talk about once a week. If I can work it out, maybe come up to Camp Perry (for the Pistol Championships) and give Gunny the what for. I’m squared away on that.”


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