By Kyle Jillson | May 7 2011 09:24

From the Desert News comes another story about the positive impact of Women on Target courses. Time and time again the accounts of those fresh from a class show that they have gained a new appreciation and respect for firearms. Once done with the course, a lot of the women can't wait to don a ghillie suit or hit the shooting range with the guys.

Training on target for women who want to learn

Kansas Resource Officer employs Women On Target programs, wins Award on NRAblog KENAI, Alaska — Guys, say goodbye to the days of solitary hunting trips and male-bonding time at the shooting range. Women on Target, a hands-on training clinic geared toward making females more comfortable around firearms, has your daughters, sisters, wives, and girlfriends prepared to follow you out there and hold their own.

The clinic, held on a recent Saturday morning and afternoon, began with an educational installment at Wilderness Way, where 23 women ranging in age from teenagers to the elderly learned firearm basics. Volunteers from the Snowshoe Gun Club, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and Safari Club International showed their eager pupils how to safely hold shotguns and pistols, how to stand properly when firing, and how to disassemble the guns.

During the classroom portion, the women were asked why they decided to sign up for the Women on Target clinic.

"All the ladies were being asked why they were there," said Mike Crawford, president of the Kenai Peninsula Chapter of SCI and head of the Kenai Soldotna Fish and Game Advisory Committee. "Many of them have husbands or dads that bought a gun for them. Sometimes that was last week or last month, but some were 20 years ago and they've never even touched it. And they want to learn how to use it."

Read the rest of the article at the Desert News.

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