By Kyle Jillson | April 18 2011 13:35
Matt Duff and Jesse Harrison, the host of Friends of NRA

Smith & Wesson has decided to take on the role of sponsor for a couple of Friends of NRA programs this year.

The Springfield, Massachusetts-based firearms manufacturer is now one of the few generous groups who fund both the Friends of NRA television show (aired on the Outdoor Channel) as well as Friends of NRA banquets - held across the United States throughout the year.

The Friends of NRA TV show, if you missed it, follows former Major League Baseball player Matt Duff and professional shooter Jessie Harrison as they explore Friends of NRA grassroots fund-raising programs across the United States. Each week Matt and Jessie travel to new NRA events and meet the people who truly consider themselves to be friends of the NRA.

As the exclusive pistol sponsor of the show, you'll get to see plenty of great Smith & Wesson action whenever the show calls for a quality handgun.

Although season one has ended, you can catch re-runs of the show on the Outdoor Channel each week Monday at 9:00 am, Thursday at 1:30 pm and Sunday at 10:30 pm.

When we spoke to Kyle Weaver, NRA's Managing Director of the Field Operations Division, he welcomed the Smith & Wesson as a Friends of NRA sponsor. “Because of their support, we are able to allocate more funds to shooting sports programs on the national and local levels,” he said.

If you've never been to a Friends of NRA banquet you're missing out on a great opportunity to get together with friends and neighbors to enjoy a tasty dinner and take part in an auction of collectible NRA gear. All money raised at Friends of NRA banqets goes back to supporting programs of the shooting world - a great cause. The money is split down the middle with half going to national programs like Eddie Eagle and the Youth Education Summit and the other half going to programs in the area the money was raised, benefitting local ranges, gun clubs, etc.

“Smith & Wesson pistols are some of the most popular in the world and are frequently used for competition shooting, self defense and in service with both military and law enforcement,” Paul Pluff, the Director of Marketing at Smith & Wesson, told us. “Through assisting in the sponsorship of Friends of NRA, we are proud to help Americans continue practicing their 2nd Amendment rights.”

Learn about becoming a sponsor of Friends of NRA on their website.

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