By Lars Dalseide | April 14 2011 17:18

John Popp and Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schrier show off a fake Texas Colt Patterson in the Museum vault on NRAblog Gun Collecting can be a tricky business. The pros, like NRA National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreier, know a few tricks of the trade, but your average collector might not know all the signs. And that's what we're looking on this week's edition of Curator's Corner.

From Egyptian tombs to Grandma's china, fakes and forgeries have long been a thorn in almost every collector's collection. In the fake firearms field, you'll find re-blued finish, welded-on barrels, or counterfeit cylinders. Luckily, there are those in the profession who help fight the proliferation of phonies.

Years ago, there was a man down in Texas known as Red Jackson. Red's shop, Jackson Arms, often encountered the would be collector with a would be treasure. When it turned out that the would be treasure was indeed a fake, Red made a point of purchasing that firearm in order to remove it from circulation. In time, Red donated his collection of fakes to the National Firearms Museum with the stipulation that they never be released upon the public. That's why the faux Texas Colt Patterson you see to the right will remain in our collection in perpetuity.

If you'd like to hear more about Red, and how to spot the fakes while adding to your burgeoning firearms collection, then tune in tonight as Phil joins Executive Producer John Popp at 10:40 pm EST for Curator's Corner on or Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio.


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