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We often hear from our NRA Certified Instructors about recent courses they've held and the benefits of teaching others to shoot. One of those Instructors is NRA Training Counselor Paul B. Raynolds from New Jersey, who recently taught a course to a local Venture Crew and shared his story with us:

Venture Crew 77 and their Instructors from New Jersey on NRAblog

Venture Crew 77 and their Instructors Tom Manna (left), Kerry McCabe (front row, second from the left), Diane Alexander (back row, second from left), and Paul Raynolds (right).

Madison, New Jersey - What is your favorite NRA Basic class? I know, for many NRA trainers that is the last class they did!

The reason I ask is because I just had mine - teaching a Basic Pistol course to the young men and women of Venture Crew 77 of Madison was by far the best class I’ve been associated with in a very long time.

After fretting over the organizational details, arranging for volunteer instructors and ordering materials, class day arrived and the scouts showed up 30 minutes early bursting with energy and enthusiasm.

They were polite, engaged, respectful and smart! The class was punctuated by thoughtful questions and good give and take conversations between scouts and instructors. The class average test score was 96% and there were more than several perfect scores. On the range, the scouts were safe, attentive and followed their NRA Instructors direction to the letter.

While the class was organized by PBR Firearm Training, it was made possible by a very generous grant from the Association of NJ Rifle & Pistol Clubs Foundation.

It was also made possible by dedicated NRA Trainers who volunteered their time to help run the class and work on the line; many thanks to Diane Alexander, Ed and Debby Dempsey, Dennis Dittrich, Susan Jones, Valerie Lalor, Tom Manna, and Kerry McCabe.

So, let’s see, working with a terrific teaching team to give an NRA Basic Pistol Course to a wonderful group of Venture Crew scouts; like I said, the best class ever!

Thanks for sharing your story, Paul! You'll be hearing more about Paul as he will be the Chief Pistol Instructor at the Women's Wilderness Escape this fall. Are you an NRA Certified Instructor or Coach with a story to share? Write to us at

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