By Kerrin Brinkman | April 11 2011 13:19
NRA Coach Programs

Back in October, we told you that NRA's Coach Education Program reached record-breaking numbers with just over 4,000 coaches. Just six months later, NRA National Coach Trainer (Shotgun) Don Sipes tells us that the number has now exceeded 4,500 and will likely hit 5,000 by the end of the year.

The Coach Education Program offers training as a shotgun, rifle, or pistol coach, with shotgun being the most popular discipline at approximately 2,400 coaches. With the number of competitive shooters on the rise, the benefits of becoming an NRA Certified Coach are more important than ever.

"The biggest benefit is retention of shooters. People want to try competitive shooting and they need help. If they get that help from a coach, they'll come back and keep shooting," said Sipes.

If you're interested in becoming an NRA Certified Coach, check out the Coach Education Program website for more information, including a list of coach schools. Questions? Send an email to

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