By Kyle Jillson | April 10 2011 14:20

Yesterday after the air rifle championship had wrapped up, a good deal of shooters stuck around to participate in, or watch, a fun shoot that took place in the mid afternoon.

NRA Board Member Dave Butz made a guest appearance to host and take part in the event which consisted of competitors shooting at a variety of targets for the chance at a $200 cash prize.

To first narrow down all of the shooters to five finalists, shooters had to run through a short course that had been set up.

Beginning with a quick half-lap around The Citadel's Marksmanship Center, shooters then had to inflate a couple balloons and squeeze-pop them before advancing to tables with air guns and a four balloon targets about five meters away. After popping these new balloons, the next station was another set of air guns set up in front of some metallic duck targets. Once the metal ducks were knocked down, a quick run to the finish line would see the first place finisher advance to the finals.

With the field narrowed down to the final five, the shooters along with Dave Butz, picked up air guns once again and took aim at bingo cards placed downrange. Shooting at squares to get their point values, the competitor with the highest score after five pellets was declared the winner.

Concentrating through the hilarious commentary by Dave Butz as he took his shots, Brian Johnson of North Carolina State University finished with the highest score and graciously accepted his cash prize. Second and third places each won a $50 and $25 iTunes gift card respectively.

Many thanks to Dave Butz for sponsoring the event and the generous prizes. Everyone involved had a great time and hopefully we will see this event again next year.


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