By Lars Dalseide | April 5 2011 07:52

Austin, Texas kicks off the Tactical Police Competition season on NRAblog With a zeal and enthusiasm that embodies NRA Law Enforcement, members of the competition staff packed up the truck, jumped on the road, and rang in the tactical police competition (TPC) new year at the Best of the West Shooting Sports Complex in Austin, Texas. More than a hundred law enforcement officers bristling with anticipation of claiming the first title of 2011 … thus setting the stage for the coming season.

“When law enforcement officers participate in these competitions, they are investing in their future,” explained Tournament Director Marc Lipp. “We believe that our TPCs are a vital extension of training, adding another level of preparedness for what they might face out on the streets.”

As per usual, the courses were new and ripe with complexity. From 270 Degree Shotgun (19 rounds of birdshot fired inside a faux four-way alley) to Downed Officer Backup (Shooting Rifle, Handgun & Shotgun after dragging a wounded officer to safety) to Vandalism Report (engaging hostiles while running through a suspect’s home,) the only thing more taxing than Austin’s TPC was the Texas sun.

“We were burned, we were exhausted, and we're pleased that everyone had a great time,” said Lipp. “Can’t think of a better way to start off the year.”

Here’s how it all played out:

Patrol Division
Name Department Score
  Watson  Fort Worth Police Dept.  355.93
  Quick  Round Rock Police Dept.  406.74
  Tuscano  Perry Nuclear Power Plant, OH  411.71
  Cates  Durham PD, North Carolina  435.72
  Lane  Lewisville Police Dept.  460.48

Tactical Division
Name Department Score
  Baisly  U.S. Border Patrol, New Mexico  372.87
  Earnest  San Antonio Police Department  388.92
  Miller  U.S. Border Patrol  398.37
  Ripps  Texas Dept. of Public Safety  424.73
  Slayton  Austin Police Department  448.22

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