By Kyle Jillson | April 4 2011 13:20

The forecast for today's American Trap championship was scattered thunderstorms until late morning, not an ideal situation to be shooting clays in.

While the rain never came, the wind still showed up - lots of wind. Gusts of up to 31 mph are changing the velocities of clays to the point that we are seeing clear impacts in shooters' scores.

The inconvenient weather conditions did not begin until after the first flight had gone, giving the early birds a lucky break. Among those early birds was the Harvard University team, who is one of the schools making their first appearance at the championships. Starting small, the Harvard team is only participating in today's activities, but hopefully will expand to skeet and International disciplines should they choose to return.

Current standings after the jump.

Men's American Trap
Name Score University
  Bryan Monson  99 Yale
  Ryan Mason  98 UM
  Caleb Stamper  98 UM
  William NIcholson  98 SRSU
  Dan Klimas  98 HC
  Blake Scott  98 HC

Women's American Trap
Name Score University
  Alison Caselman  95 UM
  Rickelle Pimentel  94 UM
  Hilary Feltrop  94 UCM
  Caitlin Weinheimer  90 SU
  Kayla Watkins  90 BU
  Hallie Rushing  90 BU
  Kalli Angel  90 Yale


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