By Kyle Jillson | April 2 2011 11:55
Shooter takes aim at the 2011 ACUI International Trap Championships

San Antonio, Texas - Today is pretty overcast at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. As weather is wont to do, it did not cooperate with the sunny forecast but as long as there's no rain the championships will manage.

The International Trap championship is currently being fired and will conclude this evening when awards are given out for both International skeet and trap disciplines.

Scores are coming in a lot quicker today as trap moves along at a faster pace than skeet, so we have a better idea of the top scorers earlier in the day.

Current standings are as follows:

Men's International Trap
Name Score University
  Jon Ebbers  97 LU
  Ryan Mason  96 UM
  Brandon Sellers  95 BU
  Josh Cresswell  94 LU
  Matt Hughes  93 LU
  Dan Asker  91 UW

Women's International Trap
Name Score University
 Rickelle Pimentel  90 UM
 Katelyn Bonn  86 LU
 Caylin Emery  86 LU
 Sara Simpson  85 LU
 Emily Sosangelis  84 Yale
 Lauren Mueller  83 LU

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