By Kyle Jillson | April 2 2011 15:45

International Trap Shooter at the 2011 ACUI CLay Target Championships

San Antonio, Texas - As the day draws closer to a close, enough scores have come in that we are beginning to get a clear idea of who the top six shooters will be in the Men's and Women's finals.

The sun finally came out an hour ago and the overcast earlier in the day prevented the temperature from getting too hot, making today a pretty good one.

Blake Tripplett of Bethel University has posted a very impressive 99 to take the lead in the men's standings although there are competitors close behind him ready to take the lead in the finals. Currently there is a six-way tie for the fifth and sixth places in the finals that could come to an intense shootoff if no one elses jumps up on the leader board.

From Lindenwood University, Megan Orle's 98 commands the women's scoreboard. There is a two-way tie for sixth among the women which would also come to a shoot off for that last spot in the finals.

Scores below the jump.

Men's International Trap
Name Score University
  Blake Tripplett  99 BU
  Robert Ring  98 FHSU
  Jon Ebbers  97 LU
  Dustin Anderson  97 LU
  Michael Campbell  96 GMU
  Judson Chevalier  96 ASU
  Walt Reaster  96 LU
  Rob Auerbach  96 LU
  Ryan Mason  96 UM
  Dan Braddock  96 UNO

Women's International Trap
Name Score University
 Megan Orle  98 LU
 Caitlin Weinheimer  94 SD
 Mimi Wilfong  93 ND
 Megan Greco  92 SU
 Geri Williams  91 LU
 Kim Peters Lauderdale  90 SIC
 Rickelle Pimentel  90 UM

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