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Learning the lessons of prevention and protection in Colorado

Girl Scouts of Colorado after an NRA Refuse to be a Victim seminar on

Cortney Healy, Program Services Manager for the Girl Scouts of Colorado in Grand Junction, sent NRA Women’s Programs Department the following letter:

Grand Junction, Colorado - I am writing this letter of recommendation in support of the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar that I participated in alongside a Girl Scout troop. The original intention I had was to observe the program to see if it was suited to deliver on a wider level to the Girl Scouts on the Western Slope. I was pleased with what we took away from the seminar.

This program beneficial for both girls and boys from youth to seniors. The seminar makes you aware of safety tips and techniques needed to protect yourself from dangerous situations. I found the information about protecting your home very informative. Safety at home is something that we often overlook and now I am aware of the easy changes that I can make to protect myself.

The facilitator, Guy Masterson, presented the information in a way that did not increase fear or danger but instead made us aware of how to use the knowledge of potential dangers and threats with preventative measures that allow you to take charge of a situation and refuse to be a victim. The flexibility in teaching topics also allows each seminar to be individualized to suit the appropriate audience.

I recommend this program for not only Girl Scouts, but for parents and children to do together. I look forward to future collaboration on programs and providing these important messages to the Girl Scouts.


Cortney Healy

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