By Lars Dalseide | March 27 2011 09:16

Carol Ruth, Katie Paulsen, and Patsy Morris of Arizona Women's Shooting Associates on NRAblog ran a story about the rise of female participation in the shooting sports. At our recent Club University in Phoenix, Arizona, NRAblog got to see a little of that first hand.

Meet Carol, Katie & Patsy — three ladies representing the Arizona Women's Shooting Associates. Based out on the famed Ben Avery range, the club has met every other Wednesday for the past ten years.

“We’ve got women who never shot before and women who’ve been shooting since the day they could walk,” explain Carol Ruth, President of the club and a NRA Certified Instructor. “One thing’s for sure, attendance is usually better during the cooler months.”

No matter what the attendance, the general schedule is far from general at all. The AWSA’s agenda ranges from rifle to 3-gun to Cowboy Shooting to scenarios.

“We don’t just stand behind the line and go bang bang, said Ruth. “We also teach women out there what to look for and how to better protect themselves.” While they were hesitant to name a favorite, all three ultimately agreed that the scenarios are the most popular with the crowds.

“Patsy and her husband Brian set up scenarios,” said club rep Katie Paulson. “For example, they might set up a bedroom and we pretend there’s a robbery. First we react, then review our reaction and then discuss what we could have been better.”

Now they are looking for more. More women to join the club, more scenarios to run, and more programs to offer to all in attendance. But most importantly, they want to make sure they don’t lose sight of the important things.

“We want to make sure that everyone learns,” said club Vice President Patsy Morris. “And that they have fun.”

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