By Lars Dalseide | March 19 2011 18:38

NRA Recruiting Program Manager Randy Clark at Club University in Phoenix on NRAblog When NRA's Recruiting Program Manager of Randy Clark took to the stage, he was all smiles. Soon enough, everyone attending the NRA Club University here in Phoenix was all smiles too.

"It's all about wins," said Randy. "We win, the recruiters win, and new members win. It's great."

The winning comes in the form of benefits. The NRA benefits from having recruiters recruiting new members, recruiters benefit from serving a cause they believe in, clubs benefit from funds raised by signing their members up with the NRA, and new members benefit from all of the discounts (and for lack of a better word ... benefits) from joining the NRA.

"There's a never ending list," explained Clark. "We supply all sorts of materials for the Recruiters. They find prospective members, provide a discount when possible, and the NRA grows. They can recruit via the web, at events, through ads or newsletters. Then even more magic happens."

When a club successfully signs up 100% of their members with the NRA, then they are one step closer to becoming an NRA Gold Medal Club. That means greater access to grants, a beautiful plaque, and more.

"NRA members receive all sorts of great information from headquarters on all sorts of topics. Plus they receive the magazines, better rates at hotels & rental cars, and discounts for insurance, prescriptions, etc... It's a win, win, win."


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