By Lars Dalseide | February 16 2011 10:03

Brian Zins during Top Shot on NRAblog Those familiar with competitive pistol shooting know the name Brian Zins. With ten titles from NRA's National Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio, one can easily assume that he knows his way around a revolver. That fact was made clear to a national audience last night as the second season of the History Channel's Top Shot continued.

Singled out as the best shot on his team with a .38 Official Police Revolver (from the Prohibition Era), Zins was perfect during the team competition by firing three for three when the heat was on.

"I might not be the fastest guy (when it comes to running the course)," Zins said on the show. "But I'm going to hit what I'm aiming at when I get there."

He didn't fare so well on the paintball side of the challenge. As shown above, producers allowed the opposing team to fire paintballs at their competitors while they ran from station to station. Zins, much like the rest of his teammates, was unable to score a single hit which ultimately led to his team's defeat.

Nonetheless, Brian "Gunny" Zins still holds a special significance for most of us here at the NRA and we'll continue to hope for the best as the season moves on. Good luck Brian!


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