By Lars Dalseide | February 15 2011 07:20

IPSC tours the National Firearms Museum on NRAblog Earlier this year, representatives from the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) were in Washington, DC for their annual Leadership Council. That's when representatives from across the globe gather to discuss the events from the previous year and set the agenda for the next.

During some much needed down time, the group piled into cars and vans to visit the NRA National Firearms Museum. Along the way, NRAblog pulled aside IPSC President Nick Alexakos for a quick question and answer session.

"I come here every chance I get," said Alexakos. "This museum tells the story of America by highlighting the use and manufacturing of firearms throughout segments of history. It's a wonderful pictorial view."

Accompanying Alexakos during the tour were representatives from a dozen different countries including Russia, Germany, and Australia. "Russia was easily the most improved region in 2010," said Alexakos. "They now practically rival the United States for the number of matches and competitors."

After completing their tour, Alexakos mentioned upcoming events, the launch of IPSC's new digital magazine, and the National Firearms Museum's Petersen Gallery. "That was awesome. I had no idea such a collection exists. Next time I'm spending a considerable lot more time in there."


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