By Lars Dalseide | February 1 2011 07:46

This article on the continued hard work of the Headland Police Department, Lt. Dennis Cobb and the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program comes by way of Alabama's Dothan Eagle:

Eddie Eagle on NRAblog

Eddie Eagle helps Headland students learn gun safety

One child after another smiled as Eddie Eagle walked around handing out high-fives on Wednesday morning.

Allison Rucker, a 9-year-old fourth grade student at Headland Elementary School, called watching the Eddie Eagle video her favorite part of the gun safety program hosted by the Headland Police Department at the school’s cafeteria.

“I learned if you see a gun not to touch it,” Rucker said. “You stop and tell an adult, and they’ll put it up and lock it.”

Headland Police Lt. Dennis Cobb, who led the gun safety program, said the program was funded through the National Rifle Association. Cobb led the children from several first and fourth-grade classes as they called out the phrase “Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

“A lot of times we as parents don’t make sure our (firearms) are locked, and we don’t take the time to teach the children ... ” said Natlie Wright, Rucker’s fourth-grade teacher. “We take it as common sense, but the children may not have the knowledge about what to do.”

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For more information about this program, check out the Eddie Eagle website.

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