By Lars Dalseide | January 30 2011 17:11

Just before the clock struck six o'clock on the East Coast, vendors and exhibitors here at the 2nd Annual NRA Great American Hunting and Outdoor Show began breaking down their booths. You can tell how long they've been with their respective outfit by the time it takes to turn their exhibit into a suitcase. If they're veterans, the booth disappears in minutes. If they're rookies, then they'll pack, realize they packed it wrong, and try packing it again.

"This was a good show, a good show," said Show Manager Bob Davis. "Had a lot of happy exhibitors housed in this 6,000 foot facility, saw a lot of smiles on our visitor's faces, and Mother Nature was kind enough to keep the snow at bay."

As the sign hanging from the rafter displays, next year's show returns to Carroll County during the final week of January. But more images and stories (like the winner of the Big Buck contest) will pop up on NRAblog long before then. And word has it, Bob Davis has already put in a request for clear skies in 2012.


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