By Lars Dalseide | January 28 2011 10:35

Samantha Virk at SHOT Show 2011 on NRAblog If you haven’t been to SHOT Show at the Sands Expo Center, then you’re probably not familiar with the layout. Arriving as most, by bus or taxi, you follow the crowds inside as they loop around in search of stairs or escalators. These take you to the top floor where you’ll find the familiar names of Colt, Blaser, and NRA. It’s not until later that you find that although there are big names on the top floor, there are treasures to be found underneath.

One of those treasures was Samantha Virk of Desiccare, Inc. At SHOT, Desiccare was showing off one of those hunting/firearms accessories that no sportsman should be without – hydrating agents. Not sure what that means? Neither was I until Virk explained.

“You come back from a week–long trip and your gear is soaked,” she began. “You’re tired, you’re wet, and nine times out of ten you just leave your bag in the back of your truck. Couple of days later, you open the bag and woof – nothing but the smell of mold and mildew and decay … or you could just throw in one of our customized drying packets. Then when you open your bag a few days later all you have are dry clothes. We have the same things for guns safes, boats ... just about anything that needs to stay dry.”

But Samantha’s talents, Sam to her friends, extend beyond the role of National Sales Director for a Pomona-California based manufacturer. She’s also quite the outdoorswoman. “Give me a bow, a rifle or a shotgun … I’ll come back with something to hang on the wall.”

And as a Bass Pro Shops Pro Staff Hunter, she’s afforded some of the perks the average outdoorsman never get’s to experience.

“I teach youth days for the young ones who want to become proficient with a bow,” beamed Virk. “It’s so much fun to see them learn. To see them know they’re learning. It’s a great joy. I also get help out with our local Wounded Warriors projects too. It’s a better day spent with them in the field then bagging the biggest bear in Alaska.”

Have you actually bagged a big bear in Alaska?

Samantha Virk at SHOT Show 2011 on NRAblog “Oh, yes,” Virk started with a smile. “There were eight of us who came ashore after a day of halibut fishing. It was dusk, sun hardly shining, when I heard rocks trickling into the Stikine. The bear was about 200 yards down river. Luckily we sighted our rifles the day before and I took him with my Weatherby.

“Later, after all eight of us slowly trudged his 530 pounds back to the boat (and cleaning the skull), we discovered he was Boone & Crockett worthy too.”

She now splits her time between developing products for Desiccare with her time in the woods and fields. In fact, after leaving Vegas, the first thing on Sam’s agenda was a stop by the office for supplies before departing for a ranch located right outside of the Cibola Wildlife Preserve in Arizona.

“Had some luck there recently with my Benelli Supersport 2,” said Virk. “Want to take it out for the ducks at least one more time before the season ends. ”


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