By Lars Dalseide | January 20 2011 10:56

You meet a lot of interesting people on the floor of SHOT Show here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yesterday, we had the opportunity to sit down with Matt Duff and Jessie Harrison of the new Friends of NRA television Show while they were signing photos, t-shirts, and hats for the crowd.

So how did the show get off the ground?

“I got a call from my Buck Commander production team,” explained Duff. “They asked if I’d be interested in hosting a show for the NRA and I said absolutely.”

First on the agenda was to find a co-host – someone to play off of Duff’s all around hunting persona. They found such a person in eight time world champion shooter Jessie Harrison. “We messed up with that choice,” quipped Duff. “I keep coming in second with all our shooting challenges. She makes me look bad.”

The show travels around the country as Matt and Jessie take park in a variety of Friends events. A recent episode was shot in Florida along side two-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz.

“I knew Robert from Bianchi Cup,” said Harrison. “While I was shooting a practice session at Bianchi, Matt struck up a conversation with Robert … just to say thanks for all the hard work the Border Patrol does. Next thing you know, Robert invited us to Florida and we thought what the heck … that’d be a great for the show.”

Their few days in Florida were spent tarpon fishing, hog hunting, and having an all around good time. And that’s what every show seems to focus on, have a good time with the folks from the NRA.

“We’re through shooting season one, so all the episodes are in the can,” said Duff. “What we’re doing here at SHOT Show will appear somewhere in season two. And that’s the great thing about it. Our episodes can be shot at any time. They don’t have to be centered around hunting season or the competitive shooting calendar. As long as there’s a Friends event, we can shoot 365 days a year.”

Just imagine the size of that DVD collection.


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