By Lars Dalseide | January 4 2011 08:12

Faces were all a smile as the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program made an appearance at the Oakwood School, in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Led by Lieutenant Gary Cutler with the Town of Menasha Police Department, thirty-eight boys and girls from Oakwood's first grade gathered round to learn the life saving message: “If you see a gun: STOP! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.”

"The students really enjoyed the presentation and video," said Lt. Cutler. "It was great to see."

Pictured above grinning ear to ear, the students of Mrs. Johnson's and Mrs. Cutler's combined classes enjoyed the appearance so much that asked their teachers if they could send Lt. Cutler a card of thanks. The teachers enjoyed it so much that they ask the Lieutenant to return next year so he could make the same presentation to next year’s crop of first graders. Given that Mrs. Cutler is married to Lt. Cutler, we're guessing he's going to make that happen.

Schools, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, and others interested in more information about The Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program, or persons who wish to see if free materials are available in their communities, should call the Eddie Eagle® Department at (800) 231-0752 or visit

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