By Kyle Jillson | January 1 2011 15:30

Last year I witnessed SGT Sherri Gallagher absolutely dominate the High Power Championship at Camp Perry. Sherri plowed through the matches, taking eight of twelve of the competitions to claim her first National High Power Rifle Championship. Add that to last year's Long Range High Power Championship, and you've quite the shooter here. If that weren't enough, she also set a new Camp Perry record by shooting a 2396-161x, replacing the previous record of 2389-138x set by David Tubb in 2003.

Sherri has had a gun in her hands for much of her life. In addition to her mother, sister and step father all being national championship shooters, she shot competitively through college and is now a member of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit. At first glance she may make it look effortless and natural, but there are years of rigorous training in her trigger finger.

SGT Gallagher went on to win the 2010 U.S. Army's Soldier of the Year award in an intense competition with 23 other soldiers in what is described as "The Super Bowl of Army competitions." I congratulate Sherri on both accomplishments and am eager to see what she will go on to do this year.

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