By Lars Dalseide | December 21 2010 14:49

Just north of Boston is a town known as Woburn. For the better part of a century, the Massachusetts Rifle Association (MRA) has made this town their home. Members raise their families there, work in the neighborhood, and provide a valuable service to the community. One of those services is development of a Junior 3-Position Rifle team.

There are currently 27 beginners and 8 advanced shooters in the program. Ably coached by Maureen Trickett, along with a little help from her high power shooting husband Charlie, the team has found a good deal of success.

"We compete in Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, everywhere," said coach Trickett. "We won the gold last year at Camp Perry for the Open Class, had our kids go on to win shooting scholarships, compete nationally, internationally, even at the Olympics."

nra caliber cookie cutters But as successful as they've been on the firing line, there is always seems to be a need for more financial support.

"It's a great sport for any young person but it's also an expensive sport," said coach Trickett. "Equipment, ammunition, travel ... it adds up. That's why we came up with the Caliber Cookie Cutters."

The Caliber Cookie Cutters is a set of five cutters in the shape of handguns — a maganum, a derringer, a snub nose, and more. What better way to support a truly worthwhile operation and provide your family and friends with a little high caliber cookie cheer.

Event though it might be late in the Christmas season, that doesn't mean the cutters are going away any time soon. So if this sounds like the perfect addition to your baking operation, visit their website at and purchase a set today.

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