By Lars Dalseide | December 19 2010 08:11

BAREBOW! on NRAblog Earlier this year at the 5th Annual Professional Outdoor Media Association's (POMA) Conference, NRAblog sat down with the winner of POMA's 2010 Mossy Oak Pinnacle Award for exceptional achievement in traditional outdoor sports-focused writing – Pope & Young Club member Dennis Dunn. Dunn's latest book, BAREBOW, covers the adventures, and misadventures, surrounding his 40-year quest to complete the North American Super Slam with an arrow and bow.

But rather than have it described by a novice, read what Special Projects Editor Wayne van Zwoll of Petersen's Hunting magazine had to say:

"I hardly had time to get an arrow nocked and drawn…. Having to think on your knees in front of a charging grizzly has a way of speeding up your thought processes…. Either he would not see the obstacle in his path and would run right over the top of me, or else…."

Archer Dennis Dunn didn't kill that bear. In fact, he traveled North seven times before he made an 8-yard lung shot that anchored the biggest grizzly ever taken by an archer of record. That's a hunt worth the telling; but it's just one of 29 North American big game animals. Dunn wanted to take them all "barebow." Using stick bows and compound bows without sights, he completed that quest in September, 2004. But his accomplishment consumes only a few paragraphs in this new, gigantic and lavishly illustrated book. The best part of hunting is in the process, not the product. Dunn takes us not only on trips that brought him luck, but on those that left him empty-handed. He tells about missing a pronghorn at 11 yards, of losing a desert ram to a thief, of hard trails and disappointments every hunter has known. He writes forthrightly, but with the intensity of one with memories still vivid.

In addition to the more than 100 stories covering his crusade, the book is also filled with illustrations painted exclusively for Dunn by renowned wildlife artist Hayden Lambson as well as black-and-white drawings from his son Dallen. Whether you head into the field with a rifle, shotgun, or bow, BAREBOW! is sure to remind any sportsman of their most treasured time on the hunt. What better gift could there be?

Check out BAREBOW! and see if it's the right gift for your favorite hunter.


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